A space where I can freely express myself, daydream, observe, rejoice, browse, experiment.

How can design contribute to life?

Design must improve people’s life making beauty meet functionality.

In this case too we are facing two opposites: approaches going in different directions, but their meeting and the search of a balance will produce something that speaks in depth. Achievng this means to align the two keystones of life: form and substance.

My target consists in designing objects that can give joy, beauty, grace and functionality, coming out of obscurity and generating chemistry and empathy with interlocutors. I love the neat and simple shapes resulting from my search of new paths: I like surprising and reassuring at the same time. Again two opposites, but they both are necessary.

How do your design projects come true?

I draw by passion, I am a sensitive soul who dreams a peaceful society producing and consuming rationally, in harmony with the environment.

Greeks had a term for that: Κατα Μετρον, in the right measure. Maybe this is the reason why my projects come out of an idea which needs to be told, shared and tested in the society.

But inspiration does not come in the light, I find it in the moments of loneliness. Then ideas must be left to settle and then resumed in different moments. Creating something new is thrilling and gratifying, although the result comes true after long time, sometimes after years. It is the fruit of a very demanding path; until I do not achieve a satisfying result, I do not conclude my creative process.

How have you conceived your last project, Moon?

The topic of infinity has always fascinated me and I wanted to experiment it at design level. Infinity symbol consists of two circles joined to create a shape that can be travelled through endlessly.

But I think that its meaning is not limited to that. In my opinion, infinity is every object surrounding us which has some characteristics giving it the immortality; it is a well designed, timeless product whose value makes it enjoyable “infinitely”.

This is the prerequisite leading to the creation of Moon, a chair recalling the shape of infinity and looking into the ergonomics of seat unconventionally.

You passed from Starlinght to Moon, that is from light to infinity: how does it happen?

Maybe Moon was conceived in parallel, almost to complete a whole. Light is an infinite element, it is constant and when there is not, surely something shades it. Or it reflects it, like in the case of the Moon that tells the infinite cycle of full and empty, of light and shadow, of the swing of life. And we are here to look at this wonderful show of existence, maybe – why not? – sitting on a chair telling us its beauty.