About Serena Papait


Serena Papait

Serena Papait was born in Portogruaro (Venice) in 1985, where she achieved the teacher-training diploma and began to grow her art passion, taking part in some collective exhibition of the territory.    

In 2004 she enrolled in the course of Industrial Design at the University Institute of Architecture in Venice IUAV. During the studies she did an internship in the technical studio of the lighting company Foscarini, where she delved into her light interest. This theme let her able to involved a parallel research field in photography, thanks to the help of her teacher Paolo Morello. 

In 2007 she graduated in Industrial Design and started to collaborate with Enrico Franzolini architect and with some companies of the territory as a freelance designer, like Foscarini, Karboxx, Morosini, Disguincio and Quadrifoglio Group. She’s the owner of Centro Stile, a beauty company.